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At Eesha we choose our ingredients carefully and ensure that we do not support the use of Palm oil.

Palm oil comes from the fruit and oil of the Palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). It can be manufactured cheaply. Products last longer and due to competitive pricing the demand of Palm oil is quite high.

Would you be surprised to find out that foods, moisturisers, body creams, cosmetics, detergents, candles and certain foods contain Palm oil?

Currently in New Zealand and Australia there is no requirement for Palm Oil to be labelled in the ingredients list. Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) is also being used as cattle feed.


  • It leaves a lot of damage and destruction in its wake.

  • Indigenous people suffer. Often their rights to water and land make it harder for people to sustain and make provisions for their family.

  • It causes mass deforestation, co2 emissions and pollution of water and soil.

  • Palm oil brings about extinction of wildlife such Orangutan, Borneo Elephants, Sumatran Tigers and threatens Sumatran Rhinos including many other birds and animals.

  • Children may accompany parents who work in Palm Oil farms. These kids are exposed to "..rape, forced labour trafficking and slavery." (1)

  • Sustainable Palm oil - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm oil (RSPO) need to have better policies, structure and implementations in place for it to be effective. As such Palm oil is often not sustainable. (2)


Look for companies and products that do not support Palm oil and get behind them

  • Find products and food that do not contain Palm oil.

  • Donate to organisations that take action to raise awareness and support endangered species.

  • Find out different names for Palm oil (keep in mind that some ingredients with the same names are made from alternative ingredients such as Coconut, Rice Bran, Sugarcane, Olive oils etc).


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