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Eesha is situated in Wellington, New Zealand.

 When my daughter, Eesha began to take an interest in cosmetics I became concerned about what ingredients were being used in skincare.

Eesha investigates and formulates quality, handcrafted skincare
products inspired by nature.

We source quality ingredients and our skincare products are handmade.


About the owner of Eesha

I am originally from Fiji. I moved to New Zealand in 1988 after the first coup (military takeover) in Fiji.


The basis of all learning is through experience, challenges, discovery and history.

Eesha's approach to skincare is based on my experiences living in a farm surrounded by nature and to the holistic approach of my grandparents.


I enjoy creating products that are simple, useful and handy.


You get to take time out of your day to enjoy the little luxuries in life.

Be the best  person for yourself. It isn't easy. 

A rebel, a strong woman who can now embrace her capabilities with confidence. I am spiritual, philosophical and wise, with a lot more to learn.


Pursue your dreams relentlessly. If it isn't easy - you will learn from it and grow.

It is true - "Follow your passion and never work a day in your life."


From customers to business I meet some pretty amazing people and I am so very grateful and humbled.

I believe skincare should be good for you.

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